Paul Castro

Director of Media Production & Programming
Creative Specialist

Paul serves on HCN’s Creative Team and manages production for digital and radio/podcast executions. He oversees HCN’s radio studio recording and editing operations, as well as the execution of all government and nonprofit clients’ radio, digital and social media marketing efforts.

Since 2003, Paul has been an integral team member on all produced content for client’s social marketing campaigns and LRH radio campaigns. With HCN’s Creative Team, he develops the cultural approach that enables our clients’ messages to resonate with less acculturated Spanish-reliant US audiences. He works on multimedia projects, assists with audio production and distribution for HCN’s national radio affiliate network, La Red Hispana, (LRH) and is part of our digital team. He also oversees HCN’s radio studio recording and editing operations.

Originally from West Texas, he has worked in various facets of audio production. Prior to joining HCN he helped manage a community radio station and developed high impact radio content. As a multimedia producer he enjoys developing as well as learning from various projects in which HCN is involved. Working for HCN gives him a unique insight into the issues important to the Latino community. He also serves as a media advisor for the Central America Foundation for Rural Education Development and La Fe Cultural and Technology Center.

In his spare time, he listens to various forms of indie music and is mildly addicted to the racehorse that is American politics.