Bienvenidos a América

Bienvenidos a America

Bienvenidos a America (BAA) is a live call-in radio program that provides callers with free advice on immigration issues affecting them and their families, creating a large community forum for all listeners. Produced by Hispanic Communications Network – La Red Hispana – since 1997, BAA has helped thousands of people better understand and navigate the complex US immigration process and has grown to become a valuable resource for the Hispanic immigrant community.

Bienvenidos a América studio Hosted by renowned Mexican journalist, Jose Lopez Zamorano, BAA is the “voice of the people” as members of the Hispanic community call in to discuss and share information that directly impacts their daily lives. The show also features interviews with Hispanic members of Congress, immigration rights advocates, and journalists. Our team of expert lawyers provides weekly updates about immigration reform and breaking news.

Broadcast from Washington DC, BAA has an Average Quarter Hour (AQH) listener rating of 226,300 and is available as a live stream at our blog site: The website also offers podcasts of previous shows, featured articles, and provides an additional channel for listeners to post their questions for discussion on the next show or to receive answers directly via email. For more than 14 years, BAA has continued its mission of empowering the Latino community through in-depth coverage of social issues and immigration services.

Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available for the network version of the program. These include featured program segments within the show, live sponsorship mentions by program hosts, as well as nine minutes of advertising units available in 30 and 60 second spots.

Program Reach

  • 122 Stations, including top Hispanic markets
  • 226,300 Average Quarterly Hour (AQH)
  • Interactive website