Daily Radio Programming

HCN produces six (6) radio segments that cover a wide range of topics relevant to the Latino community. These segments regularly include integrated client messaging and are distributed on our extensive National Affiliate Radio Network.

Fuente De Salud (Fountain of Health)

Entertaining and informative, Fuente de Salud inspires Hispanic families to achieve a healthy lifestyle and to be proactive about their health care. The segment provides vital information about the prevention and treatment of conditions that disproportionately affect Latinos and raise awareness about important and sensitive topics.

Camino Al Exito (Road to Success)

Many come to the United States in search of the American Dream, and Camino al Exito helps them achieve it. The program offers interviews with role models, career guidance, and expert financial advice to guide Latino families on the road to success.

Saber Es Poder (Knowledge is Power)

Saber es Poder offers information and tips to inspire Hispanic families to aim high for academic success. The program promotes life-long learning, encouraging parents and students to take advantage of educational opportunities from K-12 to college and beyond.

Planeta Azul (Blue Planet)

Traditional Hispanic cultures view human beings as caretakers of the Earth for future generations to enjoy. This conservation ethic remains strong among US Latinos, who consistently poll higher than other US groups to view the environmental health and protection as a priority in their lives. Planeta Azul informs listeners of how they can contribute to the preservation of their natural surroundings, protect themselves from contamination, and instill in their children an understanding of the value of a managed recreation, leave no trace principles and stewardship of precious natural resources.

Para Vivir Mejor (Better Living)

Para Vivir Mejor provides information about a variety of lifestyle, entertainment, and cultural topics that are designed to inform, entertain, and help Latinos in the U,S. live a better life.

Epicentro (Epicenter)

Epicentro segments focus on two core areas of major importance to Hispanics – immigration and civic engagement. The program provides daily tips and news updates on immigration issues, but also important tips related to citizenship, voting and engagement with important social issues that affect the community.