HCN National Affiliate Media Network

Radio Network

HCN’s National Affiliate Radio Network: La Red Hispana is comprised of over 270 affiliate radio stations that air our six (6) daily radio segments, 7 days a week, and weekly radio programming throughout the US and Puerto Rico. We incorporate client messaging into our public interest programming, which has guaranteed placement on key radio affiliates at a fraction of the cost of paid media.

HCN Affiliate Map

HCN’s national affiliate radio network reaches millions of Latinos across the country every week through trusted Spanish-language radio stations:

  • 270 total affiliate radio stations in HCN’s La Red Hispana National Affiliate Radio Network
  • National Presence: Major, Mid-Market, Small & Emerging Markets
  • 257 affiliate radio stations airing daily radio segments, including Univision, Entravision, SBS, UFW Networks
  • 91 Affiliate Radio Stations airing our weekly radio program, Bienvenidos a America
  • Daily Segments Network Listenership: 13 Million Weekly CUME, 889,700 AQH (Average Quarter Hour) (Arbitron)
  • Bienvenidos a America Weekly Program Network Listenership: 226,300 AQH (Arbitron)
  • Guaranteed placement on key radio affiliates at a fraction of paid media buys.

Daily radio segments: We produce six (6) different Spanish-language segments that run 7 days a week on our national affiliate network. These educational and informational daily radio segments serve as our affiliate stations’ public service content, covering a wide range of topics:

  • Fuente de Salud – Health & Wellness
  • Planeta Azul – Environment
  • Camino al Éxito – Financial Literacy & Business
  • Epicentro – Civic Engagement
  • Para Vivir Mejor – Relationships & Living
  • Saber es Poder – Education

How does this work for clients? HCN features our client’s messaging on our daily radio segments. We work with the client’s issue expertise to develop the radio segments, and include the radio spots in our regular syndication service.  Integrating these messages enables our clients to reach millions of Latinos at a fraction of the rate card price of paid media.

What’s the difference between PSAs and HCN’s radio segments? Distribution and placement. HCN’s radio network guarantees placement, with placement 6AM-7PM on key stations in top urban to rural markets nationwide. Content, on the other hand, is similar to PSAs as they are educational and information and free of commercial or corporate branding.

Weekly radio program – Bienvenidos a America: HCN produces a weekly one-hour radio show called Bienvenidos a América every Thursday 2-3p EST. This live national immigration call-in show provides in-depth coverage of social issues and services affecting the Latino community at large. The show is also broadcast online and has a solid following on Facebook.

Clients can place messages on Bienvenidos a América through sponsorship packages, including:

  • Traditional advertising units
  • Underwriting program features on health, education and similar topics.
  • Live mentions.

Print & Digital Content Network: HCN has a network of 90 affiliated Spanish-language print and electronic publications that run our weekly editorial piece. Affiliates currently include Spanish-language and bilingual with daily, weekly, semi-monthly and monthly editions. Hardcopy versions have an aggregate circulation of more than 3.5 million. HCN is invested in expanding our digital publication and online news source affiliates as well, many of which currently run our weekly editorials both parallel and independent to hardcopy editions for extended consumption.
Weekly Syndicated Column: HCN generates content for our print and digital affiliate networks via a weekly syndicated column, La Columna Vertebral. Each 450-word piece reinforces messaging from our clients’ radio campaigns, effectively enabling clients to achieve greater frequency, reach and penetration among target audiences.