Who We Are

Actor Esai Morales on La Red Hispana

Hispanic Communications Network is all about social marketing, but not quite like other agencies.

Watch what actor Esai Morales has to say about one of our products.


  • We are founded on the nation’s largest proprietary informational Spanish-language radio network.  With over 270 affiliated radio stations, our daily and weekly radio programs reach 13 million listeners every week. This radio network provides clients cost-effective solutions in delivering messages to Latino audiences across the US.
  • We don’t have rate cards or cookie cutter campaigns. HCN designs 360-degree social marketing and communications solutions that meet each client’s specific goals, target audiences and budget.
  • We don’t work with just anyone. HCN works with government agencies, nonprofit organizations and socially responsible businesses that match our mission: to serve Latino communities, to invest in the well-being of the nation’s fastest growing population, and improve quality of life.
  • We don’t do translations. Culturally relevant solutions are the only way to truly create impact. Whether reaching new immigrant adults or 5th-generation teens, HCN designs messaging and outreach solutions that meet the target audience’s level of acculturation, literacy, knowledge and preferred sources of information for our client’s specific issue.
  • We are a small company with big ideas.  Our Hispanic marketing and communications professionals have extensive experience engaging Latino markets. With our award-winning team, insights and cultural competencies, we develop messaging, creative and media/outreach solutions that best serve both our clients and audiences around multiple issues impacting Latinos: health, education, STEM, civic engagement, immigration, energy efficiency, the environment, financial literacy and homeownership are just a few.
  • We are driven by a vision. Latinos are the fastest growing population, currently making up 16% of the US population and projected to be 25% by 2025. We’re young, representing nearly 1 in 4 children age 17 and younger. There is a direct link between the health and prosperity of the US and the growing Hispanic population. This is what drives us every day in our commitment to advance opportunities for Latinos that enhance their well-being, prosperity and the American dream.