Bilingual/Bicultural Editor

Hispanic Communications Network (HCN) — the largest producer and syndicator of social impact media content serving Latinos in the US — is seeking a Bilingual/Bicultural Editor to work as an independent contractor on a weekly basis. He/she will be responsible for creating or what we call “TransCreations” of four (4) short articles every week.

The ideal candidate is a bicultural/bilingual native English speaker who has full Spanish proficiency, has professional experience writing in both languages, and currently lives in the US. Must possess a personal and/or strong understanding of the Latino immigrant and/or Latino millennial experience. Candidate has proven experience in creative development and writing in news or storytelling environments.

Key Responsibilities:

As Bilingual/Bicultural Editor you will work hand in hand with our Digital Lead and the Editorial team. You will report on a daily basis and submit drafts of all your work for revisions. You will also be available for a weekly editorial meeting.

Below are some of the responsibilities for the job:

  • Develop compelling and well-written short articles every week to resonate with target audiences (Latino millennials and/or immigrants)
  • “TransCreate”, or culturally adapt, Spanish-language content to be culturally and linguistically relevant to English-preferring Latino millennial audiences
  • Work closely with HCN’s Editorial team for weekly themes, topics, quotes, campaigns and also for editing, reviews and corrections
  • Adhere to creative mandatories set forth by nonprofit and government clients when Actualidades is part of a public awareness outreach campaign
  • Follow Editorial team’s stringent guidelines, talking points and calls to action


  • Native English speaker and writer with 100% fluency in Spanish
  • 3-5 years of news writing/storytelling/copywriting experience
  • Works well under pressure; effectively handles tight deadlines, unexpected delays, revisions, ad hoc requests and changing priorities
  • Delivers articles on-time, free of typos and grammatical errors
  • Strong interpersonal skills, and loves to collaborate with team members
  • Creative problem solving skills; ability to interpret analytical thinking into copy concepts
  • Ability to meet fast-paced deadlines

Actualidades de la Red Hispana

HCN distributes our weekly digital multimedia editorial syndication, Actualidades de La Red Hispana, to digital, social and print network affiliates nationwide. Actualidades provides our digital affiliates with pre-produced educational and informational content, resources and news at no cost. Affiliates can choose to post the multimedia content as-is or to re-work the content in their unique voice, and post on their website or social media platforms to reach their existing audiences and networks. HCN launched the Actualidades service and digital affiliate network in Q3 2015. We are focused on growing our digital  content and digital affiliate network substantially in 2016, which may interpret to more work for the successful candidate.

Hispanic Communications Network

Hispanic Communications Network (HCN) is the leading producer and syndicator of Spanish-language educational and informational content in the US. HCN works exclusively for nonprofit, government and private foundation clients to develop marketing campaigns that improve quality of life for Latinos living in the US. Our daily radio mini-programas run on 150+ affiliated stations nationwide, reaching 10 million listeners weekly. HCN’S new digital affiliate network consists of highly recognized print and digital newspapers, publishers, affinity groups, bloggers and Latino social media influencers. Our goal is to continue to expand and reach more audiences through our engaging, free, informational content. Actualidades de La Red Hispana is delivered weekly in Spanish and English for our affiliates and promoted through social media. See more of our work in action at and


TO APPLY: * Submit your 3 best samples of original creative related to the scope of work, together with your resume and HCN-specific letter of interest to be considered. Send application to with “Bilingual/Bicultural Editor” as the subject.